We, at first, would like to sincerely thank you for your expression of interest.

Connecting Communication & Solutions Private Limited (CCS) is service-based operator that specialized in providing overseas call service (voice, fax, and inmarsat) to corporate markets.

By taking advantages of the growth and acceptance of the many different types of protocol and signaling as a low cost and efficient communication medium, CCS has developed new technologies and applications to exploit this potential to created the perfect value added business.

CCS will always put our partners and customers at the highest priority.

CCS will constantly strive to improve our services and products to our customers.

We believe in promptness, excellent services and good product support.

We will aim to constantly bring in innovative products and services at a very competitive price to the marketplace so that our customers and partners can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology.

At CCS, one of our crucial main objectives is to provide company with an alternation to re-route their IDD/Roaming Calls at lower rates without compromising the voice quality.

1505 Premium Connect

The 1505 Premium Connect service is an alternative to making Long Distance Calls in Singapore. We are able to provide uncompromising call quality which is comparable to the International Direct Dial (IDD) as offered by Fixed Based Operators (FBO) . We have sinced providing a consistent and robust voice network to our faithful customers while enjoying massive savings on their International calls.

For more information, please kindly contact us.

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Mobile Service

CCS has attained the Mobile Virtual Network Operator License (MVNO) in 2009, where we provide postpaid mobile plans to our customers.
CCS had maintained close working relationship with our existing backend providers, in providing attractive and competitive pricing plans offering to our customers. We have built a good base of customers who are enjoying good pricing schemes and maintaining a responsive customer service team, to assist in resolving their day-to-day mobile issues. We are able to provide an in-depth analysis on your existing mobile bills and defined the most economical plans to suit your needs.

For more information, please kindly contact us.

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CCS Call Back Service

The CCS callback service is basically an alternative in making calls at lower rates while customers are roaming overseas. It is an old but effective technique to make calls to any destination while you are traveling overseas. The effective savings can be as high as 60% down from normal calls made while roaming. CCS callback had tried our best to ensure high success rates to achieve a callback, and to outshine in call quality on our Tandem Based Network.

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15050 VQ Connect

The 1505 VQ Connect service is to cater for customer who are particularly concern in terms of the rates offered. It is packaged to ensure lowest rates possible in making an overseas call. This is somehow different from our Premium Connect as the call routing is based on lowest rates offered. Therefore, the quality can be fluctuative and it is not advisable to be used for faxing.
Despite that it is a budget service, CCS VQ Connect will try every best possible routing to ensure good quality calls delivered.

For more information, please kindly contact us.

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R Tone service

The R Tone service is a break through effort for our customers to affordable roaming services while travelling. We have been spending gruelling effort to design and create an application which is able to reside in smart phones, to make and receive calls while customers travel overseas. Though there has been limitation to its availability, we are in search of a balance to ensure the solution can be consistent and maintain the highest quality for a decent business call.

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CCS International Call Forwarding (ICF)

The ICF is basically to resolved the issues relating to high cost for incoming calls while travelling overseas. It works with an overseas mobile number attained in the foreign destination. In most of the countries, incoming calls to their native prepaid mobile number is free. ICF is meant to provide a local number in Singapore that will link to your overseas mobile number, so that when the local number is called, you will be able to receive the call on your overseas mobile. In combining both CCS Callback Service and CCS International Call Forward Service, it will bring massive savings to your overall roaming bills.

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Incorporated May 1998 in Singapore.
Provided CallBack Service using In-house Developed Traditional Callback.


Designed and Developed DBDZ CallBack Switch using Immix.


Awarded Services- Based Operator (SBO) Class License from Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.


Construct VPN between Singapore to HongKong and Taiwan.


Awarded Services- Based Operator (SBO) Individual License from Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore.
Construct Managed VoIP Network between Singapore and Korea.
Obtain 1505 CCS IDD Access Code from IDA.


CCS 1505 IDD Service Launch.


CCS International Call Forwarding (ICF) Service Launch


CCS 15050 VQ IDD Service Launch.
CCS CallBack Service Launch.


CCS Mobile Dialer Launch.
CCS Mobile & CB-Roaming Services Launch.
Obtain (MVNO) Mobile Virtual Network Operator license from IDA.
Reselling Mobile services.
Incorporated subsidiary office at Batam, Indonesia.


Launch R-connect service apps.
Launch CCS Long Distance Calls apps.


Acquired Digiphonic Systems Pte Ltd.


Incorporated subsidiary office at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


CCS Dial 1505 apps (replace CCS Long Distance Calls apps).
CCS R Tone Lite apps (replace R-connect apps)


Obtain Digit 3 numbers (L3VL) form IDA.
R Tone apps launch.

  • How do we dial overseas?

    To dial overseas in Singapore through CCS network, users should dial as follow:
    1505 + Country Code + Area Code + Destination Number
    For example, dialing a number in Los Angeles, US:
    1505 (prefix) 1 (country code) 213 (area code) 5541212 (destination number)
    For 15050 VQ Connect, user can dial as follow:
    15050 (prefix) 1 (country code) 213 (area code) 5541212 (destination number)

  • What is the problem when you are unable to dial through CCS network?

    If you are a new customer, tentatively your number had not been registered yet to our system. You will have to check with our customer service team to check if your number has been activated.
    If you are an existing customer, did your Company had recently done any changes to your phone system? If Yes, then we will need to send our technician to check on our customer premises devices (if any). If No, then you may need to contact our customer service hotline, preferable if you can provide us with the numbers dialed. We will do a thorough check and revert to you soonest.
    In most cases, it could be due to busy line at the destination receivable party or incorrect number dialed.
    There are some unique situation where the customer numbers had been barred by their fixed line provider to access 15XX prefixes. In this case, customer may need to contact their fixed line provider to release the block.
    Otherwise, please kindly contact our customer service hotline for verification. Our Customer Service will test and remedy the situation if failure of network is found.

  • Do we need to install any Customer Premises Device (CPE) to utilize our services?

    It will depend on the customers dialing habit. In fact, it is not mandatory to do so as customer can choose to dial CCS prefix 1505 manually for making any international call. However, if customer would not want to change their usual way of dialing, like using already pre-programmed memory dial, we are able to install a device known as an autodialer. This CPE is able to perform the necessary digit conversion and route all of the customer calls to CCS voice network. In some phone system, programming can be done within itself by a certified phone system engineer, depending on the make of the phone system.

  • If we are using ISDN-30, are we able to use CCS services?

    Yes, customer who are using ISDN-30 connected to their digital phone system are able to utlize CCS voice network by either manual dial, programming to be done on the phone system or by installing an autodialer that is meant for ISDN-30 lines. However, we do not support lines on ISDN 2B+D as we do not have a supported autodialer. Customers with such lines will only be possible to dial through us manually.

  • If we are using the Centrex System, are we able to utilize CCS services?

    We are able to support analog centrex system, where the phone line that is laid to customer premises are analog in nature. We should be able to install an autodialer on such lines. However, we are unable to support digital centrex system with our autodialer. Therefore, manual dial is the only option for digital centrex system. Alternatively, customer can program the numbers with our 1505 prefix into their memory dial setup, to route their calls to CCS voice network.

  • Why are we able to provide such services at such low cost?

    The reason is that we are buying bulk wholesale minutes. We have worked with various carriers since we started our services, which helps us in maintaining consistent low rates that we can provide to our customers.

  • Why do phone numbers in other countries has a leading 0?

    Singapore is a small country where we are a single state country. In other countries, usually they are made up of different states. For example, in China, different states number will have different area code. Shanghai 21, Beijing 10. To call a number from Shanghai to Beijing, the user will dial 0 10 12345678. For user to call from Shanghai to Beijing, the user will dial 0 21 12345678. This is a standard way to dial a domestic or inter-state call. In some situation, if you call within the same province, it will still work without dialing the leading 0.
    If you are in Singapore, and your business associates business card states the phone numbers with a leading 0, you will need to omit the leading 0 and dial as follow:
    0 21 12345678  1505 86 21 12345678

  • Why the international prefix for other countries are different from Singapore?

    This is because the telecommunication business in Singapore is fully liberalized. There are many different Long Distance Calls provider, operating using different prefixes. In Singapore, we usually make IDD calls using 3-digit prefixes like 001,002, 008, 018,019 or 021 provided by FBO. For all SBO, a 4 digit prefix Is used with a leading 15 follow by 2 other numbers that is issued by IDA. For CCS, our prefix will be 1505.

  • Can we use CCS 1505 or 15050 services while overseas?

    While you are overseas and you want to call to a Singapore number from the foreign destination, you will need to dial either with a leading + or 00. These are the international Direct Dial prefix for most countries with more than 1 state or province. Please kindly take note that the 1505 Premium Connect / 15050 VQ Connect services we are providing is only applicable in Singapore.

  • Is there possibilities for customers phone systems be hacked?

    In traditional phone systems where there is no data links, where there is no internet connectivity, the only possible tap is to physically access the telephone wires. Therefore, access to risers and telephone lines termination point at customer premises should be prohibited to non-essential personnel.
    Due to the trend where Companies resort to linking up cross boder offices, a new form of phone systems are introduced. In fact, most phone systems providers have introduced phone systems with internet protocol ability. The software within the phone systems will allow inter-office calls at no costs. However, this will bring threats from the internet where hackers had made used of the new form of media to infiltrate the phone systems, which had resulted in heavy losses to customer due to to make unsolicited calls through the customer phone system.
    However, ip enabled phone system may not be the only way where the system can be compromised. There are some IP phones or IP gateways that can be installed on direct phone lines or behind any phone systems, which can be a serious threat to Company phone lines being hacked.

  • How can we make protection to prevent Internet Protocol (IP) enabled phone systems being hacked?

    In order to fence off attacks from hackers, the most important thing to do is to ensure that the default administrator password to the phone system is changed. Possibly, it should be change at least at intervals of 3 months. If the IP feature is not utilised, the phone system should never leave to connect to the Internet. Also, customers should not allow any IP enabled voice device to be installed within any part of the phone system unless the installation is properly secured either by Company Administrator or its product specialists.
    It must be remember that service providers are only able to detect such attacks when there is a surge amount of calls leading to non-frequently called destinations. These destinations are usually very high in costs and somehow that even service provider are unable to notice due to the high volume of traffic passing through the routes they are using.
    Therefore, prevention is always the safest bet to ensure that your phone system is properly secured before enabling the IP capabilities. If the phone systems is compromised, then it may result to serious losses to the customer as in most of the situation, the customer may have to bear the costs for all the unsolicted calls.

  • What happens if you fail to pay on time?

    (1) Customer having 3 months outstanding will be suspended of all services.
    (2) Customer having long due outstanding will have their services and account terminated
    (3) Should you require to reinstate the services before termination takes place after payment is done, please email to ar@ccsidd.com for reviewing

  • How do we subscribe to CCS Mobile Services?

    To know more about CCS Mobile Services, you can contact our Sales representatives at sales@ccsidd.com
    We are able to offer attractive mobile packages as compared to mainstream service provider. We welcome corporate customers to hear our sales presentation and understand the posssibility to save on Company mobile bills.

  • Who will be invoicing for utilizing our mobile services?

    Since we are licensed as MVNO, CCS is able to issue invoice directly to customers. All payments shall be paid directly to CCS.

  • Whenever there is any issue with the mobile lines, who should we contact?

    For any mobile issues while subscribed with CCS, customers can contact our CCS customer service team via our hotline at +6567481737 or simply send an email to us via service@ccsidd.com
    Our operating hours will be from 09:00H to 18:00H from Monday to Friday.
    For any urgent cases after office hours or during weekends, customers can contact their respective Sales representative where they will be able to assist in resolving their issues. We will try our utmost to ensure good after sales service is maintained. However, we acknowledge there is always limitation even within the mainstream service providers in Singapore, and we may not be able to fulfill certain requests after office hours.

  • What happens if you fail to pay on time?

    Customer having 2 months outstanding will be automatically be converted to Class A (For Local Use Only)
    having 3 months outstanding, all service will be suspended. please email to ar@ccsidd.com for further review

  • What is CCS Callback Services?

    Callback is an old technology but effective way of saving costs to make a call while roaming. It will be able to cut down probably about 50% of the cost if users were to dial directly from their mobile phone while roaming.
    For CCS Callback Service, we will provide customer with a Singapore Number to dial to. This number is basically a triggering number. What it does is that when dialed, it will be able to reach our Singapore network, and our system will hang up the call upon receiving it. This is an non-connected call which therefore it’s not chargeable.
    Upon triggering, our network will do a call back to the subscriber’s mobile number as registered in advance with us. The subscriber will then answer the incoming call, and will be asked to dial the destination numbers and end with a # key. Customer should dial the country code, follow by area code, follow by destination and end with a # key. Once the # key is received, our system will dial to reach the number of the receiving party.

  • What happens if you fail to pay on time?

    (1) Customer having 3 months outstanding will be suspended of all services.
    (2) Customer having long due outstanding will have their services and account terminated
    (3) Should you require to reinstate the services before termination takes place after payment is done, please email to ar@ccsidd.com for reviewing

  • What is CCS Call Forwarding Services?

    CCS Call Forwarding Services is to help customers to save on incoming calls or re-routed calls while roaming. It will work with customers holding with a local SIM card in the roaming country.
    When subscribed to CCS Call Forwarding services, subscribers will be given a Singapore local number. Customer will have to inform CCS of the number of the local SIM card of the roaming country. CCS network will map our Singapore local number to the local SIM card number of the roaming country. Just before departure from Singapore, subscriber should divert their Singapore Mobile number to the Singapore Local number we had assigned to them.
    In doing so, any incoming calls will be diverted to CCS network, where we will map to the subscriber’s overseas SIM card. The subscriber can then be able to receive any incoming calls when someone dials the Singapore Mobile number.

  • What happens if you fail to pay on time?

    (1) Customer having 3 months outstanding will be suspended of all services.
    (2) Customer having long due outstanding will have their services and account terminated
    (3) Should you require to reinstate the services before termination takes place after payment is done, please email to ar@ccsidd.com for reviewing

  • What is CCS R Tone Services?

    CCS R Tone Services is the latest services we have introduced, in helping customers to save costs in making calls while they are roaming. We have created a mobile app that will work on most popular mobile Operating Systems, to allow our subscribers to call via the app.
    It is a VOIP technology where calls are transmitted via WIFI or 3G/4G network.

  • Is it safe to call through R Tone?

    CCS has invested very much effort in making R Tone as secure as possible. We have been testing our apps with an in-house developed systems to ensure calls are safe and secured.

  • How is R Tone voice quality compares to our normal phone calls?

    R Tone if under a good data network connectivity can achieve voice quality as good as what we are able to achieve as in our mobile call. We are spending good effort to improvise and ensure our voice can achieve its best quality even under low bandwidth connectivity. However, R Tone will not function if data network is not available. While this is so, subscribers can still fall back on the traditional means to make a phone call while roaming.

  • Is there any difference between R Tone from apps like Instant Messaging (IM) applications?

    Yes. There is some identical differences where R Tone allows user to call to any numbers in the world, where the rest are probably able to call to another mobile who are using the same app. While we are still improvising the R Tone Services, it will further develop to a better product than the mentioned apps.

  • What happens if you fail to pay on time?

    (1) Customer having 3 months outstanding will be suspended of all services.
    (2) Customer having long due outstanding will have their services and account terminated
    (3) Should you require to reinstate the services before termination takes place after payment is done, please email to ar@ccsidd.com for reviewing

IDD refers to a service offers by operators to make International Calls using a defined prefix.

When the telecommunication market liberalized in the year 2001, The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore defined the telecommunication licenses issued into 2 different categories, namely Service Based Operator (SBO) and Fixed Based Operator (FBO) licenses. For SBO, it is further defined into 2 sub categories, namely CLASS and INDIVIDUAL licenses. A full description on each licenses can be obtained via Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).As its name apply, licensee will be able to provide telecommunication services, with no oblgation to building infrastructures as required by Fixed Based Operator (FBO).

The PSTN refers to the telecommunication network that is linked between all the local phone lines and mobile lines service provider within a state or a country. It is a fundamental infrastructure that is built to ensure good reliability of the telecommunication network, to link up the every household fixed lines and mobile users to facilitate communication via a robust voice network.

MVNO refers to an operator providing mobile services to customers at their own branding, without owning and maintaining a physical mobile network. MVNO will have its liberty to work with any full fledged mobile operator to deliver their services.

A TDM network is a traditional voice network where voice quality are at its best possible. It is a wide band uncompressed network where voice traffic per channel is allocated with a full 64K bits of bandwidth.

A CPE refers to devices or equipments that are installed in customer’s premises. It could be an Autodailer, Gateway, etc..

Auto Dialer refers to a device which is installed in customer premises to perform simple prefix conversions, so that the user can maintain their usual dialing pattern. Basically, the device acts like part of the telephone wire, only when triggered upon when a match of the prefix that the user had dialed. For example, when user dials an international prefix 00X 1 213 554 1212, the auto dialer will be able to identify the prefix 00X, and replaced it with CCS prefix as 1505. Therefore when dialing out upon conversion, the number will then be dial as 1505 1 213 554 1212. To the user, the process is seamless. However, the Auto Dialer has to be powered on in order to be functional.If it is powered off, it is just like a wire to part of the telephone cable.

Centrex System refers to a form of service where customer need not purchase a physical phone system to enjoy the full features of a phone system. This is usually provided by service provider where they will have to lay the phone lines to customer premises. Though it looks like a direct line, the system allows customers to group a number of phone lines within an office and perform call control, like call transfer, call re-direct which is featured in a standard phone system. There is no physical equipments needed to be installed within customer premises other than the phone lines.

Instant messaging is a form of messaging application similar to the chatting application used in desktop version in the earlier years. The delivery of messages can now be very reliable under a good data connection network, where users can view if the contacts are online or offline. It can also determined if the messages is being received or read by the receivers. There are 2 forms of how IM stores the messages. All the messages can be stored within the phone itself or it can be stored in a server. For IM that stores messages in the phone, messages will be lost if the app is installed onto another phone unless a backup is done and restore in the new phone. For server kept messages, you can still recover the messages for a period of time even if you may have installed the app in a new phone. The duration of how long to keep the messages can be configurable as well. IM has been an uproaring trend to the traditional Short Message System (SMS) used in mobile phones network. It has more interesting way to present gesture with emotion icons where traditional SMS is dull and limited to the amount of text send per message. The interface for IM also allows transmission of files across the users, which can serve like a mini colaboration tools. However, there is limitation to the use of IM, both users must installed the same application in order to use the services. Also, it has always been questionable on how secure when sending messages via IM unless service provider put in place some sort of encrpytion for point to point messaging.